About Us

The Iowa Sporting Spaniel Club is located in the greater Des Moines area but is open to all Spaniel owners and enthusiasts. We also welcome the Airedale Terriers, Golden, Labrador, Curly-Coated, and Flat coated retrievers that are interested in participating in the Spaniel Hunt Tests.   Although the club itself is new (Spring 2013) we have experienced club members that can assist you on the journey for your next title. We offer monthly club meetings along with weekly training sessions as weather permits.

The charter of our club is to:

  • To do all in its power to protect and advance the interest of purebred flushing spaniels through education and by encouraging sportsman like participation at AKC hunt test and field trials.
  • To educate handlers, owners and the general public while encouraging and promoting quality in the breeding and field testing of purebred flushing spaniels.
  • To assist members as they train and encourage them to bring out the natural abilities of their dogs.
  • To conduct sanctioned and licensed flushing spaniel tests, field trials and other activities that provide flushing spaniel owners with a means of demonstrating the abilities of their dogs.
  • To educate members in preparing for, participating in, judging and working at AKC licensed hunting tests and field trials for flushing spaniels.
  • To provide fellowship and atmosphere of cooperation where flushing spaniel owners can enjoy honest and meaningful discussion and exchange of information and ideas to improve the status and breeding of purebred flushing spaniels.