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Brad and Comet running a field trial brace.

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Banner, one of the Cockers in the club.

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Welcome to Iowa Sporting Spaniel Club! Are you and your dog ready to hunt?

We are an American Kennel Club accredited performance club with the express purpose of promoting the Flushing Spaniel breeds as field and hunting dogs. Whether your passion is hunting or competing with your spaniel, come train with us. We train on a regular basis from March through October. If you would like to attend a training session, e-mail, with the following information:

  • Age and breed of your dog. All flushing spaniels are welcome!
  • The amount of field experience that you and your dog have in the field.
  • Your goals/aspirations for you and your dog.

We will respond back to you with the time and location of our next training date. Check the FAQ for all other questions.